Lama Tenzin Dakpa

LAMA TENZIN DAKPA was born in Eastern Tibet in 1978 into a nomadic family. At fifteen, he became a monk and studied Dharmic ritual, chanting, torma creation, and basic Buddhist teachings in Tong Nak Lachen Monastery for a year and half. He continued his training at Palpung Monastery, studying Buddhist philosophy at Shedra (Buddhist college) for five years. He furthered his studies in other practices at Palnge Monastery for an additional two years. In the year 2000, KSDL invited him to Toronto to assist Rinpoche in guiding his students through the various rituals and practices in the Karma Kamtsang tradition. He has also taken on the responsibility of being President of KSDL.

Lama Tenzin has continued his studies with great masters whenever possible during this time, receiving the transmission and empowerment of the 5 Treasures of Jamgon Kontrul and completing a five month Mahamudra retreat with His Eminence Tail Situ Rinpoche, and attending a one month private Akshyoba retreat with His Holiness the Karmapa in 2012, and more.

Lama Tenzin was recommended for the position of Resident Lama by Lama Namse Rinpoche before he passed away, and was installed in that position by His Holiness the Karmapa at the end of 2009. Since then, Lama Tenzin has worked with untiring dedication at maintaining the practices and teachings at KSDL implemented by Lama Namse Rinpoche, and has established a medical clinic in Yushu, Tibet. He is also responsible for conceiving and overseeing the new temple project in the Tibetan area of Toronto, Canada, which means so much to the many Tibetans of Toronto and also to the western community.

May All Beings be happy and have the causes of happiness!