Start the new year fresh by participating in our annual Vajrakilaya Retreat. This practice removes obstacles to your practice and destroys the forces hostile to compassion. Lama Tashi, Lama Phuntsok and Khenpo Phurbu will be joining us and will provide some background history on Vajrakilaya and instructions on visualization.

Dec. 17, 7 pm
Dec. 18 and 19, 10 to 12; 2 to 4 pm.
$15 per session, $20 per day.

Out-of-towners may stay at the temple for a small fee. Please contact Lama Tenzin at for details.

Vajrakilaya history

The wrathful heruka Vajrakilaya is a yidam deity who embodies the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas, manifesting in an intensly wrathful yet compassionate form in order to subjugate the delusion and negativity that can arise obstacles to the practice of Dharma. In fact the practice of Vajrakilaya is famous in the Tibetan Budhist world as the most powerfull for removing obstacles, destroying the forces hostile to compassion, and purifyng the spiritual pollution so prevalent in this age.

May All Beings be happy and have the causes of happiness!