This puja will commemorate the 12th anniversary since the passing of Lama Rinpoche into paranirvana. Lama Namse was the first Resident Lama of KSDL, appointed by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje in 1981.

We will be commemorating the life and work of Rinpoche with a two-day Amitabha puja from 10am to 12noon and 2pm to 4pm. You are welcome to participate online via Facebook or in person at the temple. Please register by return email if you would like to attend in person. A lunch will be served at the temple both days, compliments of KSDL.

The puja will be available online at

Donations for the lunch and the memorial puja will be gratefully accepted.

KSDL weekend pujas are open for in-person attendance but if you would like to continue participating online the pujas will soon be taking place via Zoom 

instead of Facebook. The link will be posted on the website or on the KSDL Facebook page.


We have previously announced the acquisition of our new retreat centre to KSDL members, and we are happy to report that the renovations are nearing completion. We will be making plans soon for the KSDL member's open house.  Here is more info for everyone who is interested in the activity of KSDL.

KSDL has recently purchased a new retreat centre just south of Georgian Bay, close to Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, 3 km from the town of Creemore. The new KSDL Retreat Centre is a four bedroom building situated on 5.8 acres of land. The property contains several forests, two ponds, landscaped lawns and well maintained perennial gardens. The main house has two kitchens, a dining room, living room, three washrooms, a laundry room, and space for a shrine room which the KSDL Lamas are presently working on. The sleeping accommodations include several bedrooms with many beds including bunk beds. There is a cabin in the gardens, and plenty of space on the property for camping.The house was purchased furnished and in good condition. We are presently installing insulation and renovating the lower kitchen. The property has sweeping views of the surrounding rolling farmland and forests in a beautiful area of Ontario known as the Purple Hills. We look forward to offering many regular retreats at the new Centre. Donations toward the purchase and renovation of this worthwhile project will be very much appreciated.


It is with great happiness that we announce the reopening of KSDL on Saturday, November 6, 2021. We will be resuming our pre-pandemic schedule of pujas and activities, including Green Tara practice on Saturdays at 10 am, and the practices of Calling The Lama, White Tara and Chenrezig on Sundays at 10am. The Calm Abiding Practices will continue online only.



According to the Govt. of Ontario Covid Guidance for Faith-Based Organizations, capacity limits can be lifted when Proof of Vaccination is required. KSDL Patrons MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF VACCINATION and PERSONAL I.D. to enter the temple of Karma Sonam Dargye Ling. Those with medical certificates of exemption and patrons under 12 are exempt.


KSDL still requires that masks be worn and that personal distancing be practiced as much as possible in our small space. Please practice good handwashing procedures and cover your mouth and use a tissue if you cough or blow your nose, and dispose immediately of used tissues. Hand disinfectants will be provided throughout the temple for your use. Please be aware that 30% of the present Covid cases in Ontario are occurring in people who are doubly vaccinated, so we strongly recommend that you exercise caution and consideration for the benefit of others. KSDL will be disinfecting common surfaces on a regular basis.



We are required by law to keep a record of our attendees, in case of a Covid outbreak. Your name and phone number will be collected each time you visit, and kept for 30 days.



The Government of Ontario is encouraging Faith-Based Organizations to share information about vaccines with our members. Please refer to for information on how to get vaccinated and the benefits of vaccination. 



The Saturday and Sunday morning Facebook pujas that have been taking place weekly since the start of the pandemic will be replaced, beginning Saturday, November 13, by a Zoom broadcast.  If you would like to join via Zoom, please register by email at to receive a link.


On behalf of Resident Lama Tenzin and all the Lamas of KSDL, and the KSDL Board of Directors, welcome back to Karma Sonam Dargye Ling. We have missed everyone very much and look forward to seeing you face-to-face again. Thank you, KSDL members, for your ongoing support throughout this difficult time. Your donations have been particularly appreciated throughout the last 20 months. May the Buddha bless you all for your kind generosity.


Please continue to chant the prayer, for the benefit of all beings, recommended by his Holiness the Karmapa, “The Verses that Saved Sakya from Sickness: A Prayer for Pacifying the Fear of Disease,” to be dedicated to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world. Thank you for your participation. This powerful prayer has been proven to be very effective with epidemics in the past, and can be accessed at:

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa led a weeklong series of prayers in April of 2020 to help all beings in this time of the global pandemic. Recordings of these prayers can be found at:

Green Tara Puja

Green Tara Puja

White Tara Puja