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Milarepa's Quotes

"Buddhahood is not something found by searching, look at the nature of your own Mind"

"In the vase of this composite body is the coemergent deity's form. If you can lift the lamp of luminosity, the Dharmakaya will definitely shine upon everything, inside and out"

"Towards all sentient beings without realization, continuous compassion and love is important.

 Towards one's Mind, the unborn Dharmakaya, confidence is important."

"When adverse conditions give the mind difficulty, be on the lookout for arising of aggression.

 When encountering money and things of desire, be on the lookout for the arising of attachment"


"At all times and in every way tame the evil demons within your mind-stream"

"When into the Dharmakaya thoughts resolve, is this not a self-emergent meditation?"

"Belief is the key, the secret is letting go"

"If you know how to look with the eye of faith, all the blessings you desire will fall like rain."

Milarepa's aspiration
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